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After several years of interruption, we are delighted by the re-opening of the Web site of Cybium. You will find there any information on how to prepare manuscripts, and to subscribe to the journal. In addition, the editorial team and the list of the advisory editors are presented along with a link to the Web page of the Société Française d’Ichtyologie (SFI) (planned to open in 2005).

The main interest of the Cybium Web site will be the progressive access online to all articles published in Cybium since 1976. Today, we offer access to Cybium contents, abstracts (in text format) and full text of book reviews and summaries of Ph.D. theses (in pdf format) published in the 2004, 2003 and 2002 issues.

The Editorial Board of the SFI, indeed, decided not to open free access to the full text of the articles published these last three years. Within a very short time, you will have access to the full text of articles (in pdf format) published in Cybium in 2001, then in 2000, etc.

We wish that you will find in these pages all information that you need to have on Cybium. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The editorial team

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